We specialize in understanding complex projects, reviewing land-use issues and zoning constraints, preparing precise project descriptions, contacting key public officials and government agency staff, identifying the appropriate entitlement process, preparing detailed application packages, filing and processing land-use applications, monitoring public input and staff reports, and representing client interests at public hearings, and negotiating conditions of approval.  We also assist our clients by suggesting appropriate technical experts and project team members, preparing project timelines and budgets, and providing regular status reports and task lists to the project team.

  • Due diligence - Zoning investigation of the political and regulatory environment
  • Review of project conformance with regulatory standards
  • Selection, management and scheduling of work product from technical support firms 
  • Review of work product from technical consultants for consistency with project and regulatory requirements
  • Representation at public hearings
  • Case processing strategy development
  • Community liaison; work with local neighborhood groups to secure support for or reduce opposition to the project
  • Political liaison - work directly with the council or board office affected

Types of Entitlements that we specialize in:

Zone Changes

Height District Changes

General Plan Amendments

Tract Map/Parcel Map (Subdivision) and Lot Line Adjustments/Parcel Map Exemption Processing 

Small Lot Subdivision

Site Plan Review

Specific Plan Conformance

Alcohol Conditional Use Permits and Master Alcohol Conditional Use Permits

Affordable Housing 

Zone Variances 

Zoning Administrators Adjustments

Signage Plan

Processing of Environmental Clearances

Coastal Development Permits

Conditional Use Permits 

Plan Approvals

and many more


Land Use Consulting

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